Day #39 – Moved To Greater Success

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Day #39 – Moved To Greater Success

What does an independent retailer do when they decide that it’s time to relocate their business but possess limited resources or knowledge about the ways to do this most effectively for their store and customers? This is the way Diane Petryna, owner of Thunder Bay-based retailer Take A Hike and one of my clients did it ..

Out takes  from an article in The Retail Council  of Canada on line magazine  By sean c. tarry

"Diane Petryna"

"Diane, owner of Take A Hike"

Finding the right help

It was at that point that some suggestions were made to Petryna concerning people that could assist her in her design and renovation, which she says was definitely helpful. But then she was reminded by one of her neighbours of Barbara Crowhurst of Retailmakeover. Petryna had seen Crowhurst speak at a Canadian Gift and Tableware show prior, and following some discussions with some of Crowhurst’s former clients, Petryna knew that she was the right person to help her with her move.

However, in bringing her into the project – Crowhurst does almost all of her work remotely through the Skype service – Petryna did have some reservations. “I wasn’t sure how this was going to work………..

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Results Of Dedication And Commitment

"Barbara Crowhurst"

"Barbara on Skype with Diane"

And what does Petryna think of the results of her move and Crowhurst’s contribution to her operation? “I still refer to Barbara’s services today because I know that I
have an amazing store. It’s laid out fabulously. It’s in a fabulous location. My customers love it and I love it. I’m on such a high. I just want to continue growing and continue doing a better job. I’m looking to continue learning, and people like Barbara have incredible knowledge and experience, and I’d be foolish not to
continue working with her.”

In fact, Petryna credits Crowhurst for a lot more than just the design aspect of the job that she helped her undertake. “She encouraged me when I needed encouragement. She listened to me when I needed someone to listen. Barbara was truly the coach  throughout this process, allowing me to do the best work possible,” she exclaims. “I see value for dollar. This year I’m working on putting together a buying budget, a promotional calendar – there’s a number of things that we’ll be working on through the coming year, whether it’s marketing, staffing or anything else – the goal is to make this business more profitable. So, if I have great products in a great store with great staff – it’s time that it becomes more profitable.” And, in terms of the location that she left behind, Petryna has never looked back, urging others who are faced with a decision"Retail Council of Canada" to move to seize the opportunity and take advantage of it. “There are a lot of retailers out there who may not think that they have it within themselves to change locations,” she says. “But, if you know that you should, and the move will improve your business and help you grow, then you have to do it. And don’t be afraid. There are people out there who will help you with this, and help you become even more successful.”…………

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More Than Just Design

The pair worked feverishly together selecting lighting and fixtures, colour schemes and shelving. But, what impressed
Petryna most of all, beyond Crowhurst’s design capabilities, was all of the other services that Retailmakeover provides to its clients. “What I needed was more than just design,” admits Petryna.

"Barbara and Diane"

"Barbara and Diane"

“Someone who was equally interested in seeing me and my business get through a process, not just a design, but to get it opened and set up. That’s the type of service that Barbara, in
her coaching and design, offers. She was also able to give me the confidence that I needed to take on the role of contractor, which proved to be a huge plus.” In order to do this, Petryna needed to learn quickly about the construction business, the workings of the municipal building department, recruit an architect, engineers and tradespeople, contact building supply companies, telecommunications companies, security and software installers and others.“Barbara showed me that, although it’s a lot of work, I didn’t

[need someone to recruit all of this talent for me. I could do it myself. And I did.” To allow Crowhurst to better……….. ”

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