Santa Rosa Retail Makeover – Part 2

//Santa Rosa Retail Makeover – Part 2

Santa Rosa Retail Makeover – Part 2

"Barbara checks out the store front"

On arrival I review Retail Store Impact just before I meet with Debbie in Santa Rosa California. It’s just before opening around 9.30 am. It’s the quiet before the storm! I’m checking the impact of Debbie’s store.

Here are the questions I ask myself . I’ve put the answers and my observations below each one.

Q: When is the first time the store comes into view?- from the street ? from the parking lot? what do I see ?
A:  The store is  hard to see  from the street. Trees in the way.  This older strip mall  has not been updated since it was built. Not retail friendly at all. From the parking lot you can start to see the store signs but not very well. This landlord should work with the tenants to upgrade the facade of this tired mall.

Q: How does the speed of the traffic impact how the store is seen?
A: From the street if your driving by –  the only store you can pick out is the large  organic food store. Every other retailer in the strip is invisible. Remember we  are talking about increasing traffic . So if new customers  driving by  can’t see that your store is even there . That’s just wrong.

Q: What is the effect of parked cars? from a distance ? up close?
A: From a distance the cars cover the store. I’ll share how important  store signage is because of that very reason next time. The closers you get the more of the store is exposed. But because this older type strip mall allows parked cars in front . Half the store will always be covered. It’s not until you get just in-front of the store that all is reveled.

"Checking the view from the street"

Q: What’s happening around the area in general? is it tidy? does it have a updated look?
A: The area is clean and generally tidy but oh so screaming for an update.

Q: What’s happening on either side of the store?
A:  The store is well situated. On one side  is the big organic food store. It’s always good to be next to a big anchor with lots of traffic. The  other side of the store is an open corner with  a long walk way.

Q: Is Debbie’s store better or worse looking then her neighbors?
A: This store looks very good but need a little TLC.

Q: Is the WOW factor happening at Debbie’s store?
A: The WOW factor is not going on quiet yet. But it will be very soon.

Thanks for checking in with our Retail  Makeover  this week.  Next  week I take a look at store front signage.  You won’t want to miss what I have to  share with you.

Don’t forget to  work along with us week by week.  Go out of you store today and check out your Store Impact. Let me know how you are doing or if you have any questions.

Have a great week.

Your Retail Makeover Business Coach


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