Santa Rosa Retail Makeover – Part 1

//Santa Rosa Retail Makeover – Part 1

Santa Rosa Retail Makeover – Part 1

Hi It’s Barbara …….I’m here in Santa Rosa for my next Retail Makeover

"Barbara arrives in Santa Rosa"

It’s a Hot One (102 degrees)! Just arrived, looking forward to meeting Debbie MacCormick of Sunnyside Cottage who was the winner. I am scheduled to meet Debbie at 10 am.

I’m excited as the whole team at the G&H channel and Retail Makeover have been working on this to happen for nearly a year.  Let’s go; where is my GPS……..

You’ll see next week how much Debbie and I covered in just the first hour together!  We reviewed her store front, signage and store name.

These are all important concerns for you as a retailer as they are key marketing tools and make the first impression to attracting potential new customers. As I have taught you before, Increased Awareness =  Increasing  Traffic = Increases Sales.

Until next week from Beautiful Santa Rosa California, your Retail Makeover Coach Barbara Crowhurst.


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