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Kick-Start Your Sales


Here is an awesome Offer for Retailers :

A comprehensive Retail Makeover Sales Program at the lowest price ever. We want every retailer   to have their own copy.

It’s in your hands, at your convenience.

Start working on your business  NOW!  The program is all pre-recorded and waiting for you via Podcast.

So Easy to use! You will get amazing results the very next day you put what you have learned into practice!



This is an Awesome Offer for Retailers :

Our most comprehensive Education Program ever!

Why did we record this podcast ?  Well that’s so retailers can achieve their sales goals  and increase their profitability.

Get started on a SMART plan . Let us help you !

The program is all recorded and waiting for you via Podcast. So Easy to use!

Are you facing real problems?

Retailers who are facing real problems and want to increase sales; this offer is for YOU.

Learn from the comfort of  any  place you choose  and at any time. FullSizeRender

What I know for sure …

The old ways of being an independent retailer are at an end. You have to stop ignoring the changes that have drastically altered shoppers buying habits, get out of your comfort zone and lead the changes you need to stay in the game.
Retail is both art and science combined. Developing workable plans an absolute must, and then sticking to them.

A key tactic is to take your best and loyal customers, the 20% that give you 80% of your business, and by using a referral program create a larger dedicated customer base.

Other tactics are developing marketing plans to suit today’s tech culture, inventory control, cash flow and bottom line profitability; not forgetting to train staff to be part of a customer service sales culture whose focus is the customer experience.

Today’s independent retailer cannot go it alone.

They must bring in the expertise needed to put a workable game plan and training together. That’s where this Retail Makeover Sales Program comes in. Retailers must be focused and accountable to making change happen within their store.

It’s not easy. It takes guts. Retailers who are not on board with doing things differently, and immediately, are facing extinction.

Retail Makeover is 100% here for you.

Take this  step immediately:

Pickup your own copy of the podcast and your Sales program starts. That’s how really easy it is. You can listen to it as many times as you like or stop and start the program as your schedule permits.

Our Sales Program is focused on Increasing Sales and Growing Your Business .


Comments from Retailer who  have already started working with our Sales program .

” Thanks for the special offer. Great value for all the information you share ”

“Barbara, you really know retail. Thank you for what you do for retailers.”

“Sales went up that very day after I starting working  thru the podcast… on how to increase sales.”

“I am re-energized and re motivated  now that I have a plan.”

“This Podcast  has  addressed all my current challenges and concerns. Thank you for this great offer Barbara.”

“I love Retail Makeover’s  Sales Program.”