Merchandising Your Store For Christmas (MP3)

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Merchandising Your Store For Christmas (MP3)


Topic: Merchandising Your Store For Christmas, 1hr

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Recorded: Wednesday, September 23 : 1-2pm EST – Topic: Merchandising Your Store For Christmas… like you are ready to have the biggest sales increase ever.

Descriptor: There is so much more to understand about merchandising a store well for Christmas then putting up wreaths and may be a Christmas tree.

Here are some keys strategies Barbara will share with you:

  • What’s your #1 marketing tool and you don’t even know it.
  • Increasing foot traffic.
  • Getting customers to stay in your store longer.
  • Is your store layout working for you?
  • The Retail Makeover Traffic Flow Grid.
  • Put product in the right places and increase sales.
  • Window and feature displays , why they are important.
  • Lighting and how it effects sales.
  • Signage; you need more, and why.
  • Having the right product on display at the right time.
  • Your promotional calendar.
  • How great displays help sales staff do their job better.
  • How wider aisles increase sales.
  • Why cross merchandising and life style displays are effective .