Day #28 – Successful Retailers Keep Learning

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Day #28 – Successful Retailers Keep Learning

Take opportunities to learn, retail is changing, and it’s changing fast. You need  information that will help you adapt to the new retail environment. One of the easiest ways to keep learning is through on-line learning programs like the ones offered at Retail Makeover University.

Virtual Classroom at RMU

The Internet and Skype have made it very easy for teacher and student to come together in the virtual classroom.

I’ve found, whether I’m teaching a workshop, or delivering information to retailers during one of my RM”U” classes, I make retailers aware to use the information I share, either as a refresher, or as a place to pick up new ideas on how to do things. Either way it’s good.

Be a winning retailer and enroll in a class today.

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Take part in the Growth of Online Classrooms in Virtual Space.

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